Twisted Bullies' Web of Violence

The brutal handiwork of schoolyard bullies is becoming a popular form of online entertainment among Big Apple kids.

Father of kidnap victim will speak

Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart, will be speak 7:30 p.m. Oct. 26 at Myers Park Baptist Church.He will describe what his family learned from Elizabeth's kidnapping and how to make homes and neighborhoods safer for children. His daughter was taken from her bedroom in June 2002 and returned nearly a year later.

'radKIDS' to the rescue

PAWTUCKET - Of all the frustrations that come with being a cop, the worst was dealing with kids who were hurt, Stephen Daley said. "As a police oficer, you usually show up after a crime is committed," Daley said. "But as a person, you want to protect kids from harm. You want to keep it from happening."

radKIDS Provides Children with the Skills They Need to Escape Danger and Abduction

SOUTH DENNIS, MA -Four million child molesters reportedly reside in this country. A typical molester will abuse 30 to 60 children before they are arrested the first time. An estimated 797,500 missing children are reported to police annually. Many of these children never return home.

Kids run, shout, fight — and foil abductions

Stephanie Quackenbush recalls walking to school on a sunny morning in Albany, N.Y., last year when, a block from school, a man grabbed her from behind. He put a towel over her face. She screamed for help. "Shut up! Shut up!" he ordered. "I have a knife. I'll stab you."

A rad approach to safety

MAYNARD - Steve Caloggero teaches science at Maynard High School, but he also teaches younger children an even more important lesson - how to remain safe.

Playing it safe: Program fosters empowerment in children

The mother of Teresa and Sean Hall works as a deputy in the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office, but her children were among the first to take part in a free program aimed at keeping them safe.

Safety tips to help protect children

Parents in the Mooresville area are on high alert following a report of a stranger who touched a child at Pioneer Park.

Learning to escape

Police literally geared up last week to take hard physical hits from a group of Brownies who completed a course in safety and personal empowerment. As each girl lined up with protective gear in place to put their moves into motion, police elicited a chant.

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