Ed Smart Joins radKIDS Board of Directors

HARWICH PORT, MA…Ed Smart of Salt Lake City, Utah has agreed to serve on radKIDS Board of Directors announced Stephen M. Daley, Executive Director of radKIDS, Inc.

Smart is a George Washington University graduate with a BBA in Finance and a MBA with an emphasis in Urban Planning. "Our newest member brings with him a strong voice for children that is both profound and heartfelt." says Daley.

As the father of a child that was abducted, Ed Smart has a unique perspective and an intense passion to make certain that children have every tool they need to do everything they can to stay safe. Ed Smart has turned the ordeal his daughter and family has endured into a commitment toward improving the lives of children everywhere. He has accomplished this by supporting legislation that created the "Amber Alert" system and through generating public awareness of safety issues impacting children.

Ed's voice in congress, his interaction with the media, and his passion for protecting children and families will assist the radKIDS Board of Directors in promoting the radKIDS message. Perhaps Ed's greatest opportunity to help radKIDS however, may come from the experience and perspective few of us have ever known. Ed Smart is a father that carries a critical message of concern for the safety of all children and radKIDS welcomes him to the Board of Directors.

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