Elementary Students Graduate from Self-Defense Class

radkid.jpgA group of kids between the ages of 8 and 10 are better equipped to protect themselves thanks to a class that teaches self-defense. RADkids teaches kids how fight off a bad guy instead of sitting quietly.

The RADkids program held their graduation Tuesday night at an after school club in Oregon. The kids are taught physical moves - and also the importance of using their voices. They use phrases like, "Stay back you're not my Dad" and "No, No, No."

Along with physical moves they've learned, they were also taught to use their voices. "RADkids are taught the difference between screaming and yelling when they're screaming people think they're just playing. when you're yelling you're using your voice to help protect yourself," says Tracy Nelson, the Executive Director and Founder of Street Smart Center for Family Safety. "Unfortunately we have to prepare our children for the reality of the world we live in without scaring them, " says Nelson. Kids also learn to run to the phone, and dial 9-1-1.

But kicking and yelling isn't the only defense they're taught. "They are taught that if they can, still get away. If the stranger has not yet grabbed them their first priority is to run."

Nicky Pierce's son Devon is now a RADkid. She says instead of just teaching him to run away, he knows what to do. "Instead of scaring them and saying watch out - it empowers them and gives them a choice," says Pierce.

The RADkids are also taught that these moves are only to be used defensively when you're in trouble. Not on the playground or with your brother or sister. This is the second group of kids to graduate from the Netherwood Knolls Elementary After School Program. A group of 5 to 7 year olds graduated in December.

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