The Fight to Save Our Children

The Police Athletic League, The Bangor Police Department, and radKIDS, Inc. Have Joined Together To Save The Children of Maine


According to the most recent findings of US Department Of Health And Human Services (April 2002) approximately 879,000 children were victims of abuse and neglect in the year 2000. Almost two-thirds of child victims (63%) suffered neglect (including medical neglect); 19 percent were physically abused; 10 percent were sexually abused; and 8 percent were psychologically maltreated. Approximately 1,200 children died of abuse or neglect -- A rate of 1.71 children per 100,000 children in the population!

Feeling frustrated with those alarming statistics and continually arriving after the crime has been committed Bangor Law enforcement in conjunction with the Police Athletic League have decided to do something to stop the violence. They've teamed up with radKIDS, Inc. the nationally recognized children's safety education program headquartered in West Harwich, MA.

The goal of radKIDS is to empower children with the skills they need to avoid and escape the kinds of violence that is lurking around them. This program is designed to stop these vicious crimes before they start by teaching children to recognize, avoid, resist and escape potential danger.

"When we teach Out and About Safety, for example, we don't tell the children that they need to stay close to Mom, we show them with activity based drills what will happen if they can't get to her fast enough. We do a lot of running and laughing but it really challenges them to think about their safety," explains Steve Daley, radKIDS executive director. "We then provide our children with realistic options and choices to escape violence if someone tries to grab them and take them away. Again, with drills and activities we teach them physical resistance skills to escape abduction. It doesn't scare them, it in fact empowers them because they now know what to do." The program is already credited with saving over 10 children from abduction in its first three years of existence and was featured last fall on the America's Most Wanted television program to Stop the Violence in our Children's Lives.

"Many children's safety programs present their information and then move on to the next community," says Daley. "The strength of this program is that by empowering South Florida with certified local instructors, the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education program will be based right here in your community with community leaders you know and trust. We fully expect this program to develop a life of it's own which will grow and reach more children for years to come."

The radKID Instructor Certification Training hosted by The Bangor Police Athletic League in conjunction with the Bangor Police Department and will take place March 3rd, 4th, and 5th at the Bangor Police Athletic League Headquarters, Bangor, Maine.

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