Kidnapped Kids: How to keep your kids safe

While technology, namely the internet, is opening kids up to more risk, it's also opening up avenues to keeping kids safe.

Stories like the kidnapped boys out of Missouri have many parents wondering what are the best steps to keep my children out of harm's way. Here are a few.

"There's an application called the Chaperone," says Verizon wireless salesman Victor Valenchek. The Chaperone is a G.P.S. program allows parents to map the location of their child's phone. "The phone can be tracked by a parent's device handset or on the internet."

It works only if the battery is charged, the signal is strong and the system settings are on.

But the best device parents can offer kids is common sense.

"The first rule to teach kids is no one has the right to hurt you," says child safety expert Don Hallowell, who uses radKIDS. "You don't have the right to hurt anyone else unless they physically hurt you. Then you can stop them."

Experts also agree it's important to teach kids the difference between good adults and bad adults. Know when to say 'no' to an adult. And not just to talk out what to do in certain situations, but walk it out also.

"If you actually practice it--hands on-- its no longer scary for a child-- think about your child. It's empowering," says Hallowell.

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