Safety City gets physical with training


LIMA ? March 22, 10:45 a.m. ? Lima Police Patrolman Dave Vastano crept up on the three-year-old boy slowly, arms raised, ready to grab him.
But little Dylan Marston was ready for him. One, two, three hits to the face later, and Vastano was falling backward. Marston ran away.

Vastano wasn?t hurt, not in the heavy RedMan padding he wore. And Marston wasn?t really scared; that was just his grandpa in the suit.
Vastano was demonstrating the new training regimen he has lined up for Safety City this year. The new training program, radKids, is designed to teach kids how to defend themselves, at least long enough to stun potential abductors long enough to get away.

?It covers all of the normal child safety components, but for each subject there?s a dynamic physical component,? Vastano said. ?It?s actually replacing the summer program we developed a few years ago. The radKids has a lot more hands-on physical training.?

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