Sam's Secret

New radKIDS Children'S Book Helps Parents Teach Kids How to Speak Up Against Sexual Abuse

HARWICHPORT, MA… Author and educator Lisa M. Taub has created a children's book intended to facilitate parent / child discussions on the very sensitive topic of sexual assault and abuse. This new children's book, "Sam's Secret," speaks to kids about the importance of telling a trusted adult if someone tries to hurt them. Taub hopes to help children learn and remember critical safety tips that apply to the dangers of sexual abuse and assault.

"Through this book, we hope all children, especially those who have been abused or assaulted, will hear and know some very important things: No one has the right to hurt them; If they are hurt, that they are not alone and it's not their fault; and it's OK to tell," says Taub.

Sam's Secret was originally designed as a foundational teaching component of the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program to initiate conversation and classroom discussion about "Good, Bad and Uncomfortable Touch." It has since become a therapeutic tool for health professionals in the treatment of children who have been sexually assaulted.

Every year thousands of children are abused, mistreated and found missing in incidents that can be avoided through education and training. Although parents realize how important it is for their children be taught critical safety skills, they often don't know how to initiate the necessary training. "Sam's Secret" is the answer. To obtain a copy of Sam's Secret, contact radKIDS headquarters at

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