Teaching Kids To Protect Themselves

by Jon Kalahar

Could your children defend themselves if someone tried to kidnap them? It's a scenario you may not want to think about, but unfortunately, child abductions happen every day. That's why the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office is training instructors to teach children how to react.

Ricky Dupree remembers first seeing the Rad Kids program in action on Americas Most Wanted. A young child got away from her attacker, saving her own life.

Dupree wasn't sure if her own children could do the same thing. That's why she wanted Rad Kids in Columbus.

"They never get the physical aspect of it to feel safe, you can tell them all you want to scratch and hit and get your way out of a situation." said Dupree.

And physical is right.

Through this program, children will learn moves to free themselves if someone tries to abduct them.

"We're teaching them how to resist and not fight and their whole mindset is no one's gonna hurt me so there's something I can do about it." said Stephen Daley, Rad Kids Founder.

This class is for instructors. How to relate the program to different age groups. Whether it's a talk on when to call 9-1-1 or what if someone offers you drugs. The Sheriff's office wants to be ahead of crime rather than reacting after it's happened.

"I would much rather teach a child to stay safe than to have to have to arrive to the scene because there's not anything even worse than having a child that's hurt." said Captain Rci kelley, Muscogee County Sheriff's Office

Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere with our children, but with Rad Kids hopefully, parents will have one less thing to worry about.

"Rad" Kids has more than twenty thousand instructors throughout the United States. But this is the first course, founder Stephen Daley, has taught in Georgia.


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