Program enhances kids’ personal safety skills

West Milford — The Maple Road School PTO recently hosted a program sponsored by Sheriff Jerry Spezialle’s Community Policing Division. Students were offered the opportunity to participate in a ten-hour intensive course called RAD: Resisting Aggression Defensively. The creed of the program was simple: No one has the right to harm a child; every child is a person worthy of dignity and respect.

Program trains kids how to resist abduction, molestation

A national children's safety education program has started classes in Tucson. The program is called R.A.D. Kids. Its purpose is personal empowerment safety education for children ages 5 to 12.

Officials required to report possible child abuse, neglect

Principals, police officers, doctors, clergy and school custodians may all have very different jobs, but they share one big responsibility.

Elementary students learn defense against predators

Across the country, predators are preying on the world's most precious resource - children.

Officers aim to punch up children's self-defense skill

Joe Britte is looking forward to getting punched and kicked by a bunch of 8-year-olds. The Gainesville police crime prevention officer will be wearing a big, red suit of full-body padding when that happens, of course.

Kidnapped Kids: How to keep your kids safe

While technology, namely the internet, is opening kids up to more risk, it's also opening up avenues to keeping kids safe.

Kids tackle abduction threats

HALEDON -- Child abductors beware: Fifty-five fourth-graders here now know how to kick your butt.

Don't mess with these kids: Pilot self-defense program teaches children how to protect themselves

CUMBERLAND - When a stranger approached Rachel Savoie and asked if she could help him find his lost puppy, the petite 9-year-old knew exactly what to do.

radKIDS Chosen for 2006 Massachusetts Catalogue for Philanthropy

(South Dennis, MA) The radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program for children has been selected as a 2006 Massachusetts Catalogue for Philanthropy charity and is included in the Special 10th Anniversary edition of the catalogue.

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