Learning to fight back

Program empowers kids to replace their fears with confidence, self-esteem and safety skills

RadKIDS program offers "cool" tips for safety

The Aquinnah police department is spearheading a safety education program, radKIDS, which helps children ages five to 12 prepare for emergencies and protect themselves from bullying, abduction, and sexual assault. Ryan Ruley, an Aquinnah police officer, recently was certified as a radKIDS instructor after attending a three-day, 30-hour training program in Topsfield.

Safety City gets physical with training

LIMA ? March 22, 10:45 a.m. ? Lima Police Patrolman Dave Vastano crept up on the three-year-old boy slowly, arms raised, ready to grab him. But little Dylan Marston was ready for him. One, two, three hits to the face later, and Vastano was falling backward. Marston ran away.

Teaching Kids To Protect Themselves

Could your children defend themselves if someone tried to kidnap them? It's a scenario you may not want to think about, but unfortunately, child abductions happen every day. That's why the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office is training instructors to teach children how to react.

Personal safety first

Danvers kids this spring will participate in a national program that empowers children with personal safety tools, police announced last week. "The idea behind this program is to reinforce skills kids already have through our talks with them about stranger safety while walking to school," Sgt. Robert Bettencourt said. "This program takes those skills one step further in case these kids fall victim to an abduction attempt."

Self-defense program eyed for kids

WASHINGTON — It takes the latest fashions and the hippest lingo to be a rad kid, but it takes much more to be a radKID.

Children learn safety skills from police

West Warwick program shows kids techniques to avoid danger

Action, not advice, for staying safe

RadKIDS shows youngsters how to react to danger by putting them in a simulated situation that teaches how to make the proper reaction second-nature, to arm kids with the right response if ever real danger strikes.

Safety comes with confidence

NILES - Two groups of Niles students recently spent their winter break kicking and punching their way through a self-defense and safety awareness class.

RadKids To The Rescue

Ten-year-old Matt Berry, who’d never taken self-defense before, graduated from the first radKIDS program sponsored by the Police Department of Southborough.

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