radKIDS® believes that effective safety education is greatly enhanced when a parent takes an active role in the education process. radKIDS® classes are designed to encourage parent interaction though activity and exercise. The radKIDS® parent manual outlines all information and topics presented to children in radKIDS® to provide parents the opportunity for additional conversation outside the classroom environment with homework and personal skill building exercises. Parent handouts are supplied covering a wide range of relevant safety issues. Resources and information are also available to parents via the radKIDS® website. In addition, radKIDS provides a monthly parent newsletter called Teachable Moments covering a wide array of current and relevant safety topics providing the opportunity for a true family education and partnership.

Resources for Parents

Safety Training for Families, Bulletins, Web Sites, Brochures and Books

Help if a Child is Missing

Teaching Skills, Instilling Confidence Best Ways to Prevent Child Abduction

Defining The Problem

The Issues Our Children Face Every Day

Is radKIDS® a Martial Art?

The radKIDS® program is based on the foundation of a structured educational curriculum that includes realistic physical skills to escape attack or abduction.

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