Is radKIDS® a Martial Art?

The radKIDS® program is based on the foundation of a structured educational curriculum that includes realistic physical skills to escape attack or abduction. The martial arts programs that most children are involved in today are typically competition-based, and are usually centered around either sport or combat arts.

radKIDS® is *not* a sport, and specifically teaches children how to "STOP a fight and ESCAPE" but not to fight or compete. radKIDS® provides the children in our world today with realistic skills to recognize, avoid, resist and, when necessary, escape physical violence and/or harm.

Martial arts can be a fine addition to a child's personal safety background and we encourage radKIDS to continue their education within the Martial Arts upon completion of radKIDS® but radKIDS® is designed to establish a basic foundation of overall safety in the child's life. radKIDS® is not a martial art --radKIDS® is a self-esteem building program with both realistic and practical skills useful in today's world. radKIDS® is intended to provide a foundation of safety education for a child to build on for the rest of their life.

The radKIDS® program provides the most holistic and comprehensive approach to children's safety today. radKIDS® combines an accelerated learning curriculum with realistic gross motor skills, taught and trained to the specific context of a child being attacked or abducted. radKIDS® provides children with valuable real life skills, but more importantly, radKIDS® was designed and developed to work together with both children and their parents to create a true partnership and alliance for the children's safety.

Last updated: September 27, 2016, 11:40:21 PM