Bring radKIDS® to You

Congratulations, you have taken the first step in bringing this truly empowering life and safety skills education to children and families in your community.


Important Questions to Ask?

Has the time not come to teach/train and empower our children with the skills we want them to have instead of just telling them what we hope they will do if and when they meet up with anyone trying to hurt them?

Would we teach our children to swim in the living room and then throw them in the water? Of course not, so then why do we teach our children how to be safe with just words (telling them) when we know it will take action and skill for them to be safer?

There is only one activity based empowerment and safety skill building curriculum in the nation that can and does do that, so why are we not teaching radKIDS to our children?

Take Action Today - Teach your children and empower your family:

For Educators

Guidance counselors, recreation professionals, faith based groups, dedicated parents

The radKIDS Curriculum meets or exceeds the core educational standards in Elementary Health & Physical Education Curriculums in all 50 states. Please click on the links for educational materials you can share with interested and responsible educators in your community as well as with your PTA/PTO.

Share them with your community educators and ask these two questions:
  1. Can we guarantee the safety of our children in the school and community today?
  2. Is there a bullying issue in your child's school? Are the current policies working?
  3. Would you rather your child's school or education facility be a Zero Tolerance facility where children feel they can't defend themselves without getting into trouble or a Zero Victimization school where no one is allowed to hurt anyone?
  4. Is it time to empower our children to meet our expectations instead of just tell them what we want them to do?

If so, then why are we not teaching them to be safer and to be able to respond to our greatest fears?

For Law Enforcement Professionals

This section is designed to help you provide the valuable resource of radKIDS to assist your law enforcement community in their job to protect your community.

Questions you may want to ask your Law Enforcement Professionals:
  1. Can you guarantee the protection of the children in this community?
  2. Then why are we not teaching them how to be safe and to escape violence and harm?
  3. Would you rather see a child who gets trapped by someone trying to hurt them with an attitude of, "How dare toy touch me!" or one of "Help Me Help Me." Well then why are we not teaching them what they deserve and may need to know?

After reviewing these materials please email us directly for additional helpful information on Bringing radKIDS Instructor training to your community. Together we can make a difference one child at a time.

Last updated: September 28, 2016, 11:53:29 PM