Ed and Lois Smart talk about radKIDS

radKIDS® Parents as Instructors

As a parent or family caregiver, there is no greater partner in your child’s personal safety and personal boundaries than you! If you are looking for an educational tool to teach, train and empower your children in their own safety than radKIDS® IS that tool! We hope you will consider joining us as a nationally certified Instructor for your children, their friends, and other children and families, in your neighborhood or community.

 Brochure: Building a Safer World for our Children


One of our favorite calls received at radKIDS® National Headquarters is when a parent calls looking to learn more about radKIDS® and how they can get involved. On these occasions, we get to share the possibility for each of them, to become a nationally certified radKIDS® Instructors in their community. This is usually followed by a short silence only to hear, “Me, I am just a parent?” “Just a parent!” In your child’s life there is no better safety partner or educator, then a child’s parent? Our radKIDS® personal skill building curriculum is designed for children and their parents/ adult (family) to work together and in support of each other.

The radKIDS® curriculum is not based on expectations (do’s and don’ts) but instead provides children with the opportunity to identify and maintain their own personal boundaries, enhance their problem solving skills and gain physical skills to “Stop” anyone from trying to hurt them. “This shift from the responsibility to be safe, to the opportunity to stay safe, is a gift that can and will last a lifetime”.

When you hear about abduction, sexual assault, bullying, or the dangers of opioids and drugs in our world today, do you immediately want to change the subject or move away from the conversation? Have you ever heard anyone say, “That will never happen to me!”

“Education is the only thing that can remove the instinctual fear of the unknown and replace it with power, choice and opportunity.” – Stephen M. Daley M.Ed

What better way to feel better about our children’s safety than to teach them yourself or find a radKIDS® program for them?

If you are ready to truly empower your children with their own personal boundaries, personal safety skills and critical thinking and problem solving skills and would also like to help their friends and other children in your neighborhood or community join us and become a radKIDS® Instructor today.