radKIDS® Zero Victimization Schools

The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education Curriculum is proud and humbled to announce a revolutionary approach to creating some of the safest most empowering schools in the country.

A radKIDS® Zero Victimization School is a school that has committed to create the safest school climates available today. While at the same time they are enhancing the educational culture to provide a comfortable, developmental, and personal empowering learning environment to maximize our children’s success.

What is Zero Victimization vs Zero Tolerance?

A Zero Tolerance School Culture is one which we do not allow bullying and victimization – although 85% of the time it is hidden and in truth may go unseen until personal tragedy or victimization occurs.

A Zero Victimization School Culture is one in which the policy of “No one gets hurt here!” In these schools, children are empowered and permitted to stop violence, harm, or victimization – be it physical or emotional – and are supported to tell and are listened to.

Read more in this article Zero Tolerance by Stephen M. Daley, M. Ed. CEO/Executive Director, radKIDS, Inc.

If you would like to find out more about creating, and supporting the development of Zero Victimization schools in your community or for your families please contact us at radkids@radkids.org or make a direct appointment with our director Steve Daley at https://calendly.com/radkidsguy/meeting

Together we can and will make a difference one child, one classroom and one school at a time!

Micanopy Area Cooperative School is the first nationally recognized radKIDS® Zero Victimization School in America.

radKIDS® Zero Victimization School Model
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