In this two page brief called Initial Evidence of the radKIDS® Program in Enhancing Child Safety Development, we present our current model for the mechanisms of change radKIDS® uses in child safety development and student self-reported outcomes in the program.


In this Instructor report of stakeholder perspectives on child outcomes for the radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program, we present evidence of child outcomes as witnessed by key stakeholders.


Abduction – Bullying and School Violence – Child Abuse and Neglect – Sexual Assault

Abduction [PDF]

  • 58,200 Children are abducted by non-family members (including an estimated 115 victims of stereotypical kidnappings) *203,903 Children are abducted by family
  • 85% of the time a child is abducted by someone they don’t know it involves the use of physical force


The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education curriculum is the hands on leader in children’s safety education in the prevention of “Abduction” In radKIDS® we don’t tell your child what to do we teach them how to “STOP” Abduction if they are challenged or tricked by a predator. This is accomplished through a fun, activity and skill-based methodology, allowing the children to maintain their innocence while empowering them with their own personal boundaries and a mindset of, “How dare you!” rather than the failures and cries for help when yelling, “Help Me, Help Me” then in many cases waiting for help.

Research shows that the best ways to stop abduction are to run, yell, or physically resist if necessary. We agree and appreciate the research. Although in radKIDS® we understand the need for personal boundaries, context and skill development based on brain theory and the sciences of psychology and physiology. If a child is confronted with danger the opportunity to respond is there? “radKIDS® know more” Not only do they have options and the ability to plan and improvise (critical thinking skills) but they are given the opportunity and skills needed to make someone stop hurting them.

Bullying and School Violence [PDF]

  • Every 7 minutes a child is bullied: Adult intervention-4%( Teacher), Peer intervention-11% (Friend/classmate), No intervention- 85%.
  • 90% of all students in grades 4-8 reported being threatened and bullied in school.
  • 864,000 students (5.4%) report staying home at least one day a month because they fear for their safety.
  • About 22% of students in grades 4-8 reported academic difficulties as a result of peer abuse.


The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education developmental curriculum is quickly becoming the most effective bullying prevention program available for schools today. When it comes to bullying “radKIDS® know more”. As established in our Three Foundational Principals and woven throughout the curriculum in learned principles and personal skill development. radKIDS® learn how to establish their personal boundaries, understand friendship and recognize and respond to behaviors that make them feel uncomfortable or in fear.

The radKIDS® curriculum is the only skill based developmental curriculum in the nation to meet both educational standards and requirements in Elementary Physical Education and Health and actually teaches a child, “How to STOP a bully!” (Physical Resistance to Violence)

No, we do not teach children to fight, instead we teach them how to win, “escape and share” to protect themselves as well as their friends. At the same time that we are clearly defining “reasonable self-defense” standards and context within a school, community or neighborhood. We all have the instinctual desire/need to defend ourselves if “anyone” is trying to hurt us and by law we have the right to self-defense in all 50 states, is it not time to teach, train and empower our children to be safer in this world today? “radKIDS know more”

The radKIDS® curriculum has also become the foundational standard for a “Zero Victimization School” climate and culture. Yes, the safest possible schools in America today. A school where no one is allowed to get hurt, empowering the students, faculty and staff on the same mission and with the same objective of a safe school community for all.

Child Abuse and Neglect [PDF]

  •  More than 2.67 million reports of child abuse and neglect involving 3 million children are made to child protective service agencies each year. Over 51,346 reports a week.
  • Each day in the United States, more than 3 children die as a result of child abuse in the home 92.5 % were under the age of seven.
  • 797,500 children go missing per year Over (2,185) per day are reported missing per day across this nation. While many are found or returned we still have 100’s of thousands of children who are listed as missing in NCIC today. Some have been missing for years.


When it comes to Child Abuse and Neglect many believe, it is often difficult to identify behaviors and practices of personal abuse unless you see them yourself. In addition, we are ensconced within a system that is challenged daily by lack of resources as it relates to the number of incidents reported, let alone providing an opportunity to identifying the incidents that are unreported. It has been said in this country that there has never been a system designed to help an individual, but an individual can help and in many cases make the system work. It is also never the responsibility of a child to self-report abuse but do they not deserve the opportunity to know what and how to make it stop?

“radKIDS® Know more”. In the radKIDS® curriculum we empower children to develop and establish their own personal boundaries, including the identification of escape routes and safe zones so they can “STOP” violence, harm or neglect in their lives. At the same time, they are encouraged and empowered to tell someone in their safe zone and keep telling until somebody helps them.

radKIDS® know, “NO ONE” has the right to hurt them because they are special. We do not and have never taught the failures of “Stranger Danger”. Instead we teach, train and empower a child to trust their feelings, create and maintain their boundaries and recognize and respond to the unsafe and dangerous behavior of others. radKIDS® are gifted with the ability and skill to recognize, avoid, resist or physically resist if necessary to escape violence or harm and tell until someone helps them. radKIDS® most definitely know more and have a better opportunity to stay and be safer in our world today.

Sexual Assault [PDF]

  • 1 of every 3 incidence of sexual abuse reported to law enforcement are children under 12 years of age. 1 of every 7 are under age 6
  • Perpetrators: 59% within the family; 37% acquaintance of victim; 4% stranger
  • Overall girls are 6 times more likely than boys to be victims of sexual assault; 73% of victims under 12 were girls, 27% were boys
  • 1 of Every 3 Women (1 of 4 under 18) will be sexually assaulted in their life time
  • 1 out of Every 7 men (most before the age of 15) will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime
  • Currently in this country we have one convicted (registered) sex offender for every square mile across this nation


Sadly, one of the greatest risks in our children’s safety today is still sexual assault, molestation or abuse. Fear is most definitely a major factor in this, the fear of anyone hurting our children, the fear of what to do? When you combine these fears with a lack of knowledge, not only what to do to protect your child, but in some cases the difference between sexual assault prevention education and sex education? The power is taken away from us and our children and captured by those who wish to keep us in fear.

“radKIDS® know more” radKIDS® know that education is the key to power and prevention. In fact, education may be the only thing that can turn instinctive fear into knowledge, power and personal abilities.

In radKIDS® our philosophy and methodology include the empowering of a radKIDS® personal boundaries and space. In the area of sexual assault prevention our focus in on enhancing a child’s safety and personal boundaries with an understanding of “Personal Space and Personal Touch”. In radKIDS® we empower children to identify and protect all their personal boundaries.

We also include an educational book and tool from our curriculum, (Sam’s Secret). This incredible book helps support the children’s understanding of their own space, boundaries and feelings.

Sam’s Secret is being used in Children’s Advocacy as well as by therapists and counselors both in prevention and as a therapeutic resource. Elementary Educators and guidance counselors all across the nation are also including “Sam’s Secret” in schools as a part of their health, prevention and awareness initiatives. We are honored and humbled to be endorsed by Erin’s Law as an educational resource in those states that are mandating this life changing and in some case lifesaving education for children.

radKIDS® know more as demonstrated by the “tens of thousands” of children who have disclosed or out cried upon completion of their radKIDS® training. Not because they were told to tell, but because they decided to tell! radKIDS® know, “No One has the right to hurt them” and “If anyone ever does it is not their fault so they can tell and keep telling until someone helps” This can and truly is a gift that changes lives. Like we keep saying, “radKIDS® know more”.

radKIDS® KNOW MORE! They know…

  1. NO ONE has the right to hurt them because they are SPECIAL
  2. That they do not have the right to hurt anyone else, including themselves UNLESS someone is trying to hurt them and then they have every right to STOP them and radKIDS® learn how.
  3. That if ANYONE ever tries or has tried to hurt them, trick them or make them feel bad (inside or out) it is not their fault and since it is not their fault they CAN tell.