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Intro to radKIDS
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Intro to radKIDS
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The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education program is the most comprehensive, activity-based safety education program available today. It is the only one that teaches, trains, and empowers children with realistic hands-on skills to stop predatory violence and self-harm in their lives.

radKIDS® is proud to have trained thousands of law enforcement officers across the country as instructors. These officers are certified to teach children how to recognize, avoid, resist, and, if necessary, escape predatory violence or harm – including drug and opioid prevention/abuse – in their lives today..

Bring radKIDS to Your Agency and Community

radKIDS® in Law Enforcement

Have you ever responded to the scene of a crime or in response to a child who has been victimized by violence or harm and wondered what you could do to make a difference for that child?

Isn’t it time to stop telling children what we want them to do and start teaching them what to do to be safer in their world today? 

Would you like to help create the safest schools in the country by including an “inside out” approach working toward a Zero Victimization school-based culture and climate?  (All in support of your mandatory active assailant school safety initiatives designed to stop or limit the loss at time of the crisis.)


Then radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program is for you!

Endorsed by the National Sheriff’s Association, (resolution #2008-19) the radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety education program and curriculum is the only safety educational initiative today that can be shared in your community as a personal skill-building program for children to recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary escape violence, harm, or victimization in their lives today. It can also be shared directly in your Elementary Schools as not only meets – but in many cases exceeds – the developmental curriculum standards required in Elementary Physical Education and Health Curriculum and Social Emotional Skill development in all 50 states.

Together we can bring radKIDS® Instructor training to you, your team, and your community.

– To learn more about how tobring a national radKIDS® Instructor Certification program to your team and your community visit this page.

– To attend an open radKIDS® Instructor Progam on our national schedule visit


– Contact radKIDS® directly at or our Director of Training at 844-(radKIDS 723-5437)  to schedule a conversation on how we can truly and proactively help the children, families, and schools in our community.

The radKIDS® education and personal skill development curriculum has helped save the lives of thousands of children across the nation from abduction, human trafficking, sexual assault, bullying, drug and opioid abuse, and self-harm. The radKIDS® curriculum teaches children how to remain safe and resilient by giving them “permission, context, and skill” to STOP others from hurting them and that they don’t hurt themselves.

If you are a law enforcement professional whose duties may be or include: School Resource Officer, Crime Prevention, Community Policing, Investigations, patrol officer, or volunteer this can be your opportunity to step out from behind our informational prevention practices and into a skills-based teaching opportunity.

Are you ready to truly empower a child to live and be safer in the world today, and help protect a child 24 hours a day by giving them the skills they need to protect themselves instead of showing up after the crime?


Contact us today to learn more about becoming a radKIDS® instructor and together we can and will make a difference!

 radKIDS® is…

  • A National Leader in School Safety Education, Community Policing and Service Policing Programs
  • Endorsed and in alliance with the National Sheriffs Association
  • Evidence Based and aligns with certification standards and across the nation including POST, TCOLE in and the MMPTC to name a few.

Become a certified instructor today!