radKIDS® in Children’s Advocacy

The radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education program is not a Band-Aid, or drive by educational awareness tool, and it does not come with a guarantee, but it may very well be the most holistic sexual assault prevention educational tool available today. Both foundational and strong in prevention while at the same time providing therapeutic tools to children and families, which build on and rebuild their personal boundaries and resiliency skills.

Join us today to help break the silence and cycle of violence potential in our children’s lives.

radKIDS® in Children’s Advocacy

Are you a professional educator, counselor, investigator, medical professional or advocate that is working today to prevent, stop or help a child who is targeted or had been victimized by sexual assault, abuse, molestation or human trafficking?

If you could empower and help a child to recognize, avoid, resist and if necessary escape a predator in their lives or world today, would you?

At the same time you are “empowering” a child to understand and accept it is not their fault when someone hurts them! Therefore, they can tell and keep telling until someone helps them.

We are also honored to include and share in our developmental curriculum our self published prevention and educational tool /book, “Sam’s Secret” This incredible tool has created the opportunity and allowed 10’s of thousands of children to disclose and stop sexual assault and abuse in their lives. While also helping over 250,000 children to know, understand and establish their own boundaries and personal skills if “ANYONE” tries to hurt them or make them feel bad inside or out.

As a radKIDS® instructor you will help kids learn three important rules.

  1. NO ONE has the right to hurt them because they are SPECIAL
  2. That they do not have the right to hurt anyone else, including themselves UNLESS someone is trying to hurt them and then they have every right to STOP them and radKIDS® learn how.
  3. That if ANYONE ever tries or has tried to hurt them, trick them or make them feel bad (inside or out) it is not their fault and since it is not their fault they CAN tell.

This combination of knowledge and acceptance within and part of our children’s personal boundaries helps them thrive and be happier and safer in the world today.

As a Children’s Advocacy professional we want to thank you for all you do for so many and hope you will take the time to learn more about what the radKIDS® Personal Empowerment Safety Education Curriculum can do for the children you serve and in your community as well.

radKIDS® can be and should be a powerful option in your toolkit and in support of your mission!

Please join us and become a radKIDS® Instructor today.!