Knowledge to Power to Skill

An Online Family Weekend Introduction to radKIDS®

Join our thousands of radKIDS® families who “Know More”!
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The time has come to stop talking and start teaching!

Join us in our virtual classroom for this “personal skill based” educational model for you and your entire family.
(Up to 2 Adults and 6 Children may attend per family.)

This is an incredible opportunity for your WHOLE FAMILY to:

  • Increase every member of your family’s personal confidence and ability to recognize, avoid, resist, and if necessary – escape violence or harm in their lives.
  • Enhance everyone’s critical thinking skills and personal resiliency based in their own self-value and self-esteem.
  • Solidify your partnership, communication and support of each other in your family.

All this and more!

Don’t wait one more minute to increase your confidence in your loved ones ability to be safer in our world today.

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Please Note: This  is not a replacement for our full regular 8-hour live radKIDS® curriculum. The goal of this introduction to radKIDS® training is to go from knowledge to power to skill especially when it comes to your child’s most valuable tool their radKIDS® mindset and instinctive responses if they are ever in danger.