Ed and Lois Smart talk about radKIDS


As a parent or family caregiver, there is no greater partner in your child’s personal safety and personal boundaries than you! If you are looking for an educational tool to teach, train and empower your children in their own safety than radKIDS® IS that tool! We hope you will consider joining us as a nationally certified Instructor for your children, their friends, and other children and families, in your neighborhood or community.

Join us and become radKIDS® Instructor
Brochure: Building a Safer World for our Children


Congratulations, you have taken the first step in bringing this truly empowering life and safety skills education to children and families in your community.

Important Questions to Ask? Has the time come to teach/train and empower our children with the skills we want them to have, instead of just telling them what we hope they will do if and when they meet up with anyone trying to hurt them? Would we teach our children to swim in the living room and then throw them in the water? Of course not, so then why do we teach our children how to be safe with just words (telling them) when we know it will take action and skill for them to be safer? There is only one activity based empowerment and safety skill building curriculum in the nation that can and does do that, so why are we not teaching radKIDS to our children?

Take Action Today – Teach your children and empower your family:

Resources for Parents
National Educational and Support Resources

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The Issues Our Children Face Every Day

Help if a Child is Missing
Teaching Skills, Instilling Confidence Best Ways to Prevent Child Abduction

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