SafeStart Certification Training for Instructors

Join Steve for “Safe Start An Introduction to radKIDS®”

This is a special certification available to you as a current certified instructor.

This new tool has been developed to create an “Introduction to radKIDS®” for you to present in your community.

Upon certification, you will have a fun, interactive, and empowering 90-120 minute community presentation to introduce and share the personal empowerment and personal skill development radKIDS® can offer.

Copyright Privilege to the Safe Start Family Manual.

Annual Safe Start Instructor Authorization (Upon Completion of Class and included with your radKIDS Instructor Certification and Licensing). 

No Annual recertification fee – as it is included in radKIDS® Instructor re-Certification. 

Access to all Safe Start Instructor Tools and Materials in the Safe Start Only Section of your radKIDS® Instructor Only Website. 

This is not a replacement for our radKIDS® developmental curriculum but more like an “appetizer” with a foundation. Developed and designed with the hope of building interest for your full radKIDS® personal skill development classes, from both the children and their parents and families in your community.


** PLEASE NOTE: While this is not a replacement for radKIDS® in any way, it is most definitely an educational awareness and introduction to what radKIDS® can and does offer in our full developmental classes and for radKIDS® in Elementary School Curriculums. Only Instructors who have attended this training are permitted to use this delivery format. **